The iPhone Celebrates Its 10th Birthday and Continues to Wow the World

June 29, 2017, was the iPhone’s 10th birthday.

Ten years ago, people didn’t know what it was like to have the whole world in their pockets. But now, seeing people without an iPhone is basically an anomaly and the Apple brand is one of the most recognized around the world.

The iPhone has essentially changed the way the world sees computers. Just a decade ago, laptops were the most interesting pieces of technology anyone could own, but now iPhones have changed that for us. Instead of having to look up everything on your laptop, the iPhone makes it possible for a user to be connected to social media, the World Wide Web, and make a video call to anyone, anywhere in the world with the push of a button.

The invention of this little device has undoubtedly changed the world as we know it within the past decade. There have been more than one billion iPhones sold worldwide since Steve Jobs wowed spectators at his dramatic reveal — making the iPhone the most popular product of all time. For perspective, before the iPhone came to be, the world’s most profitable product was Marlboro cigarettes.

Developed simply as a way to help users prevent dropped calls, Steve Jobs’ great idea now accounts for two-thirds of Apple’s global revenue.

And it doesn’t look like the sales are slowing down anytime soon; according to USA Today, Apple is predicting to sell over 200 million of these devices by the end of the year. This staggering number has been made possible partly by the advent of faster machine-assembly for printed circuit boards, which are just one of the reasons the iPhone is able to run as fast as it does. In fact, some PCB assemblers have a 75% faster turn-around time than the industry average.

Because the iPhone took the world by storm within the past decade, media experts are only wondering what will happen within the next 10 years as technology continues to expand and grow. There are some talks of the iPhone dying out to be replaced by something even bigger and better. But Apple isn’t worried, as they most likely have something up their sleeves for the next iPhone edition that will wow us all.

So happy birthday, iPhone! We’ll be sure to take a selfie to celebrate.

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