Procore’s New Integrated Platform Bridges Tech And Construction

Procore Technologies Inc. announced in a press release the release of their new construction software platform. The platform, called Procore Construction OS, uses project management tools to connect teams, implement cloud storage, and utilize applications.

“Procore recognizes there are many critical steps throughout the construction process that fall outside the project management realm,” the release reads. “Providing customers with complete and continuous visibility into all aspects of their construction business processes, Procore is expanding the value of its cloud-based construction platform with the launch of two new powerful, mobile-optimized solutions — Procore Construction Financials and Procore Quality and Safety.”

According the press release, the Construction Financials platform connects construction crews with their corporate offices. This allows the managers to monitor the project in real time. This technology could streamline financial planning, construction planning, and design implementation. In a residential construction, for example, the team could easily access information about installing the necessary downspouts for every 30 to 40 feet of gutter, while monitoring how this process is fitting within a budget. In theory, this technological planning could help avoid confusion sometimes associated with vertical communication methods.

The Quality and Safety platform helps crews understand safety regulations and how they can improve. This software can help communicate specific safety regulations, such as OSHA’s rules on structural shoring, which is split up into raking, flying, and dead shoring. Without an integrated solution, some local or national safety regulations could slip through the cracks and create major problems.

In an opinion piece published in CIO, Arik Hesseldahl, a former enterprise tech reporter, called Procore “the only cloud platform worth mentioning in the context of construction.”

“Procore’s approach is simple to understand: Get everyone on a project working from what Hamdy calls ‘the same sheet of music,’ eliminating costly mistakes, and speeding up workflows,” he wrote. “Procore’s 3,000-odd customers use its applications to track construction projects including drawings and blueprints, logging who works on the site and what they do, managing the details related to safety and regulation, and perhaps most important, the flow of money.”

With 82% of companies saving money by utilizing the cloud, the construction industry has the potential to reap the benefits of switching to cloud-based platforms.

“Depending on who you ask the business of putting up buildings will generate about $10 trillion worth of economic activity by 2020,” Hesseldahl writes. “And yet a broad portion of the construction business has resisted the sort of tech-based disruptions that have so roiled other lines of business.”

In their press release, Procore said that they have combined many of their past application efforts into this new platform, moving the construction industry in a more technological direction.

“Construction OS is the culmination of all the technology that we’ve built, the API and the App Marketplace, that will help Procore scale so we can help you realize the promise of the single source of the truth,” the press release reads. “It will help further align all parties around that common goal of a frictionless jobsite with free-flowing communication that gets everybody closer to the main hub of information.”

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