Medical Fraud in California Affected Hundreds of Thousands of Workers

lawA new round of charges has been filed against medical providers in California who care for the state’s injured workers. More than 100,000 injured workers have so far encountered providers who are facing these charges of fraud in connection with worker’s compensation laws.

After a series of articles from the online publication Reveal from the Center for Investigative Reporting, the fraud committed in this sector has been exposed.

The investigation has revealed that some workers have undergone procedures like spinal surgeries, and endured other tests and treatments from providers who admitted that they prescribed them for profit.

“It was actually very disturbing,” said Senator Tony Mendoza, “just the abuses that occur from individuals who want to make money from the system on the backs of these injured workers.”

Many of the schemes involved attempts at bypassing the state system for the regulation of medical treatment. Certain providers would solicit injured workers, some of whom don’t speak English, and lead them directly to the clinics of providers, who seek payment for services in workers compensation courts.

In 2013 alone, 917,100 work-related injuries in 2013 necessitated some time off, which is why worker’s compensation is so important. Without those polices in place, workers who get hurt on the job would find it very hard to bounce back from medical expenses.

“It is imperative that that we determine whether there are any regulatory or legislative solutions to fix and prevent such fraud in the workers compensation system,” said Mendoza.

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