iPhone 8 The Most Expensive Phone Seen?

The new Apple iPhone is releasing soon, and there are lines being drawn in the sand over its design. Some individuals are happy with the new design, but some are not so pleased.

There was a lot of speculation about Apple’s iPhone 8 and what it would all entail. What its design would look like compared to the past designs of the previous generations.

Will the iPhone 8 feature an all-screen face? Will there be a notch cut out for the camera, speaker, and sensors? Will they get their embedded touch ID sensor ready for mass production, or move have to move the fingerprint scanner to the back? A great deal of these questions have yet to be answered.

Then, early Friday morning, new photos were posted on Slashleaks. The photos supposedly showed an iPhone 8 mockup, or at least what the design was supposed to be like on the latest phone model. It was essentially an iPhone 7 with a new dual-lens rear camera and a new Touch ID fingerprint scanner integrated into the aluminum back of the phone.

The pictures showed an iPhone 8 design that went against everything that the public had heard thus far and looked vastly different than what was expected based on the features that were being advertised.

Apple’s new iPhone 8 is expected to have wireless charging, a feature that means the company can no longer rely on aluminum casings. They were expected to use Gorilla Glass on the front and back of the new design, with stainless steel in the midframe.

The phone is getting closer to launch and is expected to be the most expensive phone every seen, at least according to rumors. With the design already likely long been finalized, the only real concern should be lowering the price on the phone itself.

With the latest statistics from the Federal Reserve indicating consumer debt in the United States reaching nearly $3.4 trillion, lowering the price of expensive electronics will likely help a lot of individuals out.

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