Facebook and WhatsApp Teaming Up to Help Businesses Communicate

Many businesses and companies around the world use social media as a way to connect with their customers. Now, a social-media giant is taking their connectivity use a step further and partnering with a messaging app to help businesses talk directly with the customers in a whole new way.

Facebook recently announced that they would now be partnering with the messaging app WhatsApp to allow for easy communication between a company and its users. According to Marketing Land, businesses can now add buttons to their Facebook advertisements which will take the user directly to the company’s WhatsApp page.

Facebook’s product marketing manager, Pancham Gajjar, released an email statement about the partnership and how it can be helpful.

“Many people already use WhatsApp to communicate with small businesses. It’s a fast, convenient way to stay in touch … Businesses can now make it even easier for people to learn about their products, set up an appointment, or use their service,” Gajjar said.

This option will only be available to Facebook users who have WhatsApp already installed on their phones and tablets. By selecting the contact button, the user will be able to view and edit a pre-typed message that will be sent to the business. The business will then get this message, along with an attachment to the advertisement in which the consumer clicked the contact button on.
This will help the business gauge which ad they were looking at and responding to. This will also help businesses understand which ads are getting the most traffic and appeal. Users will not only be able to message their selected businesses but according to Tech Crunch , they will also be able to call them.

The Social Media Marketing Industry Report says nearly two-thirds of marketers stated Facebook as the most important social platform. For now, businesses are able to use the WhatsApp feature by boosting an organic post that will offer them the option to buy the WhatsApp button for that post.

While Facebook already has their messenger platform, they have yet to see extreme success with business communication. However, they are extremely hopeful that WhatsApp will be more successful, as it appeals to more people all over the world.

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