Dropbox’s Response to Google Docs, Paper, Is Out For Computers and Phones

The average office worker uses about 10,000 sheets of copy paper every year — a fact that is likely going to change as more and more easy-to-use word processing and sharing programs come to the fore.

Paper, a new program introduced by Dropbox, is a venue for collaborative workplaces for project managers, coders, designers, and other types of employees. It is a program similar to Google’s Google Docs, where pieces of virtual paper allow teams to collaborate across the board.

The beta program received a limited number of users, who have since created over a million Paper documents. Their feedback has fueled most the of the changes and improvements.

The program has been closed in beta for almost a year, but recently Dropbox announced that it is open to anyone — complete with Paper apps for iOS and Android.

The apps are available along with a variety of new features that Dropbox added to Paper at the request of users, including enhanced table features, improved photo galleries, and new notifications on the Dropbox desktop app.

“When we talked to early users they told us that if you’re a photographer, a digital designer, or an artists there are really great digital tools for you to use, but there’s not great digital tool for your teammates to see what you’re doing to give feedback,” said Dropbox’s Christina Cacioppo. “As a product manager I wouldn’t open someone’s Photoshop file and try to leave them comments somewhere in it, but with Paper you can.”

Leaving comments is as easy as @message-ing another team member, in the manner reminiscent of Slack, or social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. Messages also show up in a notification center, where you can easily see who has commented on what, and easily reply.

The mobile apps, for the new iOS and Android offer most of Paper’s features. Cacioppo said that “developing the two apps simultaneously and releasing them simultaneously was really important to us. We heard from early users that the ways the apps are set up if not everyone on the team had them they just wouldn’t work as well.”

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