Digital Therapeutics Bring a Whole New Meaning to a Doctor’s Appointment

Although those 65 and older spent over $18,000 per person on personal health care expenses back in 2010, there have been new technologies developed in order to reduce these exorbitant costs and promote longevity.

The majority of these technologies deal with chronic conditions. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a whopping 86% of healthcare costs were due to avoidable chronic conditions back in 2010. This number is projected to rise, as about half of all Americans suffer from at least one chronic disease.

Not only does this rise in healthcare issues pose a threat to Americans — especially the aging Baby Boomer population — it has a cost burden many cannot afford.

This is where digital therapeutics come in. If the patient can receive treatment online, there is no need for a doctor visit.

More and more digital technologies are being validated in clinical trials and offer many treatment benefits alongside a cheaper cost per patient. As reported to Harvard Business Review, here are some examples of digital therapeutics available for common chronic conditions.

Diabetes prevention

Diabetes affects about 9.5% of the American population, and 32% of the population is at risk of developing the disease. Omada Health offers a 16-week interactive online behavioral-intervention program that will provide the patient with health coaches, dietitians, social media groups, and personal plans to reduce the development of diabetes and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Quitting smoking is difficult, and oftentimes, it requires minute-by-minute support. 2Morrow’s SmartQuit digital therapy aims to help through an app that offers around the clock support to those in the smoking cessation process. In addition, this app has proven to be up to three times more successful than quitting smoking unaided.

Adhering to a prescription schedule

It can be easy to forget to take medication, so MediSafe’s cloud-syncing app sends reminders to patients to take their prescriptions at the scheduled time. It even has a virtual pillbox that shows the size and colors of the pills and will mark the time each must be taken.

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