CCTV Footage Shows Six-Year-Old Trying to Stop Armed Robbery

Burglar entering through the balcony windowRobbery is one of the world’s oldest crimes, and one that can result in much more severe attacks. Recently, six men broke into a New Zealand family’s electrical shop with the intent to rob them, armed with various weapons.

One of the men had an ax, and held it over a staff member when six-year-old Sarah Patel, whose family owns the shop, attempted to stop the assailant as he kicked the employee on the ground. Once she saw that he had an ax, she fled out of the room.

Jordan Byrt, the 19-year-old employee who was kicked, said that he tried to distract the robbers so Sarah could escape, but he was hurt in the process.

He was hit and kicked by both the man with an ax and another who held a crowbar. He was pinned in a corner and asked where the safe was before the men assaulted him. While Byrt was on the ground, Sarah helped her grandfather escape the building,

After the break-in, the Patels followed the group of men across West Auckland in their family car. Eventually, the robbers’ car was stopped by road spikes put out by police. Five 16-year-olds were charged with aggravated robbery, injuring with intent and breaching bail. The sixth suspect is still on the run. The five who were caught are all known by police and had been issued a 24-hour curfew — essentially house arrest — before the robbery.

Footage of the attack was caught on CCTV.

CCTV, or closed-circuit television systems, are especially useful in preventing or minimizing risk of theft by up to 80%. These remote systems allow business owners to monitor their property remotely from anywhere in the world.

For this case, the security footage didn’t stop the thieves from breaking and entering, but it did highlight Sarah Patel’s immense bravery.


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