Advanced Baby Sleep Monitor Brings Sleep Monitoring to a Whole New Level

Photo: Kickstarter

For new parents, putting a child to sleep can be quite the event. And once the child gets to sleep peacefully, more often than not a whole new set of worries can pop up.

Luckily, one forward-thinking company has developed state of the art technology that is meant to bring baby monitoring to a whole new level. The company, Ray, has created a non-touch baby wellness monitor that is to be used while the infant is sleeping in order to monitor the child’s health as they develop.

CEO and co-founder of Ray, Ranjana Nair, explained that the idea for this baby monitor came while visiting her friend’s child in the NICU. She saw that the child’s respiration rate was monitored via awkward chest straps. Nair thought that in today’s modernized world, there had to be something easier and less cumbersome to measure a baby’s vital signs.

Thus, Raybaby was born.

Meant to bring overall peace of mind to parents, Raybaby uses technology to monitor a child’s vitals in order to prevent/warn of allergy attacks, sleep issues, epileptic attacks and cardiac problems that may not be noticeable when the child is sleeping. It is so sensitive that it can detect even the smallest of changes in the child’s breathing, heart rate, and brain activity.

Monitoring in such a way is incredibly important because according to the National Commission on Sleep Disorders Research, it is crucial that parents understand what can happen to their child while sleeping. In fact, about 38,000 deaths occur on an annual basis that are related to cardiovascular problems that are in one way or the other connected to sleep apnea. This includes children.

After a successful crowdfunding campaign for Raybaby, Ray is set to improve their monitoring in many different ways. Their first step? Start with the home.

“Our second objective will be to make a smart baby monitor. Just imagine Raybaby being able to automatically adjust the thermostat in your home to suit your baby’s sleep. There will be 24 billion Internet-connected devices installed on earth by 2020. That is more than four devices for every human on earth. We want to connect Raybaby to various IoT platforms in the future,” Nair explains to

Unfortunately, Raybaby isn’t ready to hit stores just yet. It needs a little bit more funding before it can be available nationwide. To check it out on Kickstarter, click here.

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